About Signals

Back in 2001, the soon-to-be founders of Signals IT had a ‘lightbulb’ moment. We realised that we could do everything that the big boys do but far more efficiently and at substantially lower costs. Signals IT was formed, disrupting the market and affecting many of our competitors, some of who are some ten-times larger. And our clients are big too, many of them larger by a factor of 50 or more!

Why we’re different

Being fast learners, we soon made our mark. Clients love that we are agile, fast and quick to comprehend exactly what they want. Give us a brief and we will commit an efficient team with the right skills and experience. Solutions are sleek and sophisticated, producing tailored results that remove problems and boost efficiency.
The Covid-19 lockdown has brought many innovative projects our way, with large corporates needing to get their staff ready for home working. During the first lockdown, we worked with a very large organisation. They invited both Signals IT and one of our competitors to deliver and enable more than 500 devices to staff working remotely. Within two weeks, we were finished whilst the other IT company had not even started as they were still tying themselves up in red tape. This is just one example of how we work differently and efficiently. When targets matter, we hit them.

Why choose us?

Clients that work with us stick with us. IT managers take us with them when they move companies. Our working relationships are strong with that elusive personal touch that is rarely found elsewhere. We don’t make the simple complex; we can work solo or alongside your in-house IT team to bolster your results. Cutting through the tech-speak, our recommendations are clear, concise and well-priced. When you require a solution that is adapted to suit your business, we will provide it. Improvements to software, hardware repairs, new Wi-Fi infrastructures and tailor-made remote working solutions – all fall within our remit.
Whatever your type of organisation or if you are involved in a specialist sector, we will commit to your brief, delivering maintenance and repair services on time and budget. We can take everything down to the most detailed specification, even working at board component level i.e. capacitors. We can repair all types of hardware, such as boards for screens and digitizers on HP Ipaqs.
Signals’ maintenance services are of the highest quality, enhancing your status as a standout brand. Our size also brings with it many other advantages – procedures are streamlined, the decision-making process is shortened and response times are rapid.

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Today’s the day when you regain control of your organisation’s IT. Get in touch, chat with usand find out exactly what we can do for you. The team at Signal are ever ready and eager to go.
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