Morgan Est. Clyde Wind Farm – Mobile Network for Remote Location

Morgan Est. PLC

“An unusual problem, tackled with ingenuity”

Richard West – IT Field Engineer / Project Engineer


Morgan Est. Clyde Wind Farm required on-site communications.  Due to the remote location there was no obvious or simple way of getting internet connectivity (14 km phone line) or stable Mobile Data Connection. In this case study we highlight how we built a mobile network for a remote location workforce.

The Fix:

Signals IT set up a Wi-Fi Network within the port-a-cabins, linked to a near line of sight radio. Pointed 5 km down the mountain to the receiver.  From there Signals placed a receiving radio and mobile network receiver with directional Hi-Gain Antenna pointing to the nearest mobile phone mast 1.5 km away.

The Result:

Although the internet mobile network solution only provided relatively low bandwidth using The Three Mobile Network. This was acceptable internet and connectivity for the 6 months the site was operating.

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