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Morgan Est. PLC

“It was impressive to see the speed and quality of service provided, especially based on such little information”

Carl Warwood – Senior IT/IS Project Engineer


Morgan Est. Undertook a huge construction and renovation project at Paddington Railway Station, London. The site was very large, portacabin offices were installed enabling construction engineers and managers to be based there fulltime.

As the work progressed it was required that the portable offices be re-positioned. This meant power and 140 data communications had to be disconnected and reconnected causing delay and disruption impacting project progress, plus an approximate cost £5,000 each re-location.

Signals IT proposed that a simplified communications infrastructure on site would deliver improvements.

The Fix:

Signals Proposal:
Set up a single connection to service all the site offices using a dedicated radio link from The BT Termination. Microwave internet capability that does not require any infrastructure.

Utilise WiFi rather than ethernet to service the mobile offices, negating time and install cost of cat5 cable.  Configure site systems to access the Wi-Fi Network.

Each office move would in future only require re-establishment of the connection between the single access point and the core BT services. No more repeated re-wire as the portacabins were re-positioned.

The Result:

Signals improvements caused a significant cost reduction of £4,000 for each portacabin move.

Furthermore, utilising microwave internet capabilities meant that each reposition was quicker to implement which ensured minimal impact on the progress of the project. Additionally, the system connectivity setup remained constant, further facilitating the smooth running of the site.

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