Morgan Est. Stratford City Bridges – Wireless Network Installation

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“Signals were both practical and professional, another successful installation and collaboration”

Chris Russell-Miller – Head of IT and IS


Morgan Est. was commissioned to build The Stratford City bridges. These were a series of bridges that spanned railway lines with overhead electric cables at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games site in East London, to facilitate access to Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre.

Signals were brought in to install WiFi and ethernet network connectivity, plus setup and deploy PCs, printers and servers. Initially for 10 users but with a planned increase to 75 users at its peak.

The steel constructed premises were in a portacabin type compound, 3 floors high and 12 cabins deep on a site without a BT lease line. We focused on Wireless network installation as the principal solution to the problem the client faced. In this case study, we highlight our approach and the results:

The Fix:

A phased approach had to be used.

Phase 1: Signals setup and configured a wireless network throughout the portacabins, with multiple mobile data access points using directional external Hi-Gain Antennas, whilst installing PCs, servers and printers across 3 floors.

Phase 2: Signals returned a month later once a BT Line was active, to install a near line-of-sight radio link as the BT Line Termination was located on the opposite side of the live railway lines.

Signals returned 2 weeks later to discover unplanned additional portacabins had been placed dead centre to the near line-of-sight radio link. The link was re-configured by bouncing the signal off a nearby building.

Phase 3: Due to the fluidity of the site Signals were revisited multiple times to redirect and reconfigure the network to maintain connectivity with minimal downtime.

The Result:

Signals deployed a mostly wireless infrastructure with a limited number of hardwired pieces, backed up with mobile data connection, providing full internet connectivity for the site on day one. Wireless network installation is a cost effective solution for the majority of businesses in the construction industry. This is what the Head of IT and IS at Morgan Est. Plc had to say about our services. “Signals were both practical and professional, another successful installation and collaboration

Interestingly – Signals achieved this utilizing the less congested 5GHz Frequencies.

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