Parcelforce – Temporary Sites


“Needless to say we were both relieved and impressed! Signals IT really did help Parcelforce realise an absolutely fantastic autumn pressure. Mobile Technology is the way to go. Thank you for your help, you really did make a difference.”

Paul Rezon – Change Manager


Parcelforce required temporary depots at locations deemed as ‘hotspots’.

Each site contains a workforce of 50+ employees with appropriate equipment; laptops, printers, hand scanners, WiFi, Communications.

Each site had to be active within 3 weeks to meet targets and deliver parcels on time.

The Fix:

Once the ‘hotspots’ were confirmed; Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Belfast, Signals completed temporary site setup, to go ‘live’ on schedule, using a combination of Mobile Data Cores and BT ADSL to provide communications.

The Result:

Mobile Data Cores provided immediate connectivity and also provided back-up assurance – BT lines failed on one occasion but operations continued with zero impact.

Parcelforce were able to temporarily expand their workforce to cover the influx of parcel volume and efficiently relieve Autumn Pressure Period (peak).

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