TNT – Out Of Warranty IT Repairs

TNT Express

“A Simple yet effective repair process delivered efficiently”

David Thornhill – Mobile and Peripheral Specialist


TNT contract device suppliers and manufacturers to maintain and repair their estate of scanning devices.

Devices regularly outlast their warranty or contract period, or are damaged beyond the cover of the contract.  This potentially amounts to many hundreds or thousands of devices which are used in mission critical applications. Replacing these en-masse would be a costly exercise.

The Fix:

A series of simple tests were carried out with a view to elongating the lifespan.  Whilst working within a BER (Beyond Economic Repair) value Signals embarked on a repair/maintenance partnership for ‘out of contract’ repairs with TNT.

The Result:

TNT benefited from an immediate cost saving. The next stage in the evolution of this offering proved even more environment and cost friendly – Signals parts harvesting methodology reduces costs further, extends the life of more devices (due to increased availability of parts) and cuts down on the number of item disposals.

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