UK Mail – SigProc Ordering Portal

UK Mail

“Signals IT proved to be a reliable innovative partner who was always very responsive to our ever-changing business needs. We worked very closely together on providing an e-commerce solution for internal use which was very successful and expanded beyond our initial aims. ”

Andy Shaw – Head of IT – Network and Operations


UK Mail required a system for tighter control, budgeting, department expenditure, management authorisation process and granular reporting for purchasing consumable IT products.

The Fix:

Signals put forward ‘SigProc’ short for Signals Procurement Portal.  A dedicated web portal and online shop, listing only UK Mail approved items.

Each transaction would log – who (including IP Address), what, where, when and authorisor (order approval at managerial level). Initially to be used for mobile device / hand scanner consumable items and then spread out to other products.

SigProc even reports TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) statistics and site by site league tables.

The Result:

SigProc helped to control spending, made individual depot expenditure more visible. Incidentally, it became apparent some depots were neglecting the purchase of essential items such as mobile device batteries, screen protectors, styli and chargers.  This in turn led to improved POD capture to maintain a 98% + POD scan.

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