UK Mail – WiFi Network

UK Mail

“A satisfactory and Robust solution with fail-over delivered on time, despite the various ‘stop-start’ interruptions and within budget”

Joe Dudley – Head of IT Technical Services


Signals IT were asked to specify a hardware type replacement, justify the choice of equipment and create a plan to complete the install withing 2 years.  The plan was to replace the entire WiFi Infrastructure of 65 sites depot by depot including the National Hub.

Redundancy had to be built in; a proviso that should any single AP (WiFi Access Point) fail, there would be enough resilience to maintain total site coverage

The Fix:

Signals selected Symbol Motorola Smart Access Points, rather than smart switches with dumb access points.

The Result:

UK Mail now have a modern, robust WiFi Network utilising multiple frequencies, power management and transmission strength achieved with POE (Power over Ethernet) Smart Access Points on each site.

As an added bonus should any site re-locate the Smart APs can be transferred to the new site without being reconfigured and due to the use of  POE there would be minimal cabling requirement.

Due to the robustness of the new WiFi Network and equipment, Signals suggested no maintenance contract would be required for the initial 3 years as AP failure and replacement on an adhoc basis would be more cost-efficient.

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