How To Give Your IT Equipment A Second Life

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 Your IT equipment becomes less usable or obsolete after 5 or 6 years of continuous use. Today’s IT technology is advancing rapidly and businesses need powerful hardware that can quickly process significant amounts of data. Instead of allowing your old IT equipment to collect dust and become e-waste, it is more efficient and sustainable to give it a second life. 

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to give your IT equipment a second life:

E-Mail Terminal- many large businesses invest in new laptops each year, because their old laptops become less useful for their current productivity tasks. Old laptops can be used on the production floor as a terminal to quickly receive and reply to e-mails. Supervisors and staff who operate machinery and other production tools often need the latest updates from managers and an old laptop can make that possible.

Security Centre- businesses can use an old desktop computer as a dedicated security centre. An obsolete desktop PC with a Core 2 Quad processor, 2GB of RAM, and Windows XP is adequate to observe operations through multiple sensors and CCTV cameras.

Guest Computers- old desktops and laptops can be refurbished and cleaned so they can be used as guest computers. Make sure to format the storage and reinstall the operating system, to remove old data and speed up performance. In a lobby or cafeteria, guest computers are useful for reviewing marketing materials and accessing the Internet.

Print Server- a dedicated print server may make your department more self-sufficient. Old servers can lighten the workload of your primary server, especially if they are assigned to certain tasks, such as managing printing operations.      

Low-Cost Firewall- old servers with network cards can be repurposed as dedicated firewalls. Install open-source firewall software and you can build a solution that rivals those expensive, new firewall servers. The firewall server can filter data traffic without causing delays or reducing performance.

Test Servers- test servers are important for software development companies. An isolated test server can be used to confirm whether new updates or patches won’t produce new bugs or cause new issues. A team of testers can access the server before new updates are released.    

NAS (Network Attached Storage)- if you have an obsolete server with multiple hard drives, turn it into a NAS device. If there are still empty bays in the old server, it’s easy to add more hard drives or SSDs. Install a reliable NAS software to turn a server into backup hardware, which can be accessed by employees with adequate clearances or privileges.

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Save valuable time and resources by giving your IT equipment a second life. New IT equipment can be expensive and, in many cases, not needed.

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