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Since 2001, we have been providing major brands with tailored IT and computer repairs services. We can handle all aspects of repairs for mobile computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, Barcode Readers, EPOS, Label Printers and rugged hardware products.

Businesses like DHL Parcel UK have relied on us for decades. “We have used Signals IT for many years now, be it for contractual repair work or ad-hoc requests… The team will always go above and beyond to ensure all avenues have been looked into. It’s a delight to work with the team at Signals IT and we would highly recommend their services to anyone“. You can read more feedback about our services here.

Our IT and Computer Repairs centre is home to some of the UK’s top engineers and is fully equipped with all the latest diagnostic tools. In addition, to our comprehensive IT repairs service, we offer specialised maintenance and repairs as follows:

System Boards

Test, repair and refurbishment.

OEM Support Services

Repair and upgrade range of products*.

System Board Components

Screens and digitizers on HP ipads.

*Signals is also the repair centre for all products designed and manufactured by 51T Enterprise Solutions (a sister company of Signals IT). 51T is a leading British manufacturer and designer of innovative mobile device chargers, mobile device secure storage, pick & pack stations plus bespoke solutions.

What we do

Our skilled engineers assess and repair IT assets in the workshop and depending on requirements carry out repairs at the business location. To help ensure your business is not compromised whilst repair is in progress, we also offer replacement devices when required. Furthermore, we organise shipment of the hardware to your network supplier for final configuration and much more. We have been perfecting our system since 2001 and to-date we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in terms of time and money.

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