Our Story

Learn how we created a business model to rival the big boys.

Back in 2001, the soon-to-be founders of Signals IT had a ‘lightbulb moment. We realised that we could do everything that the big boys do but far more efficiently and at substantially lower costs. 

Signals IT was formed, disrupting the market and affecting many of our competitors, some ten times larger. Whilst comparatively smaller, Signals IT successfully partnered with big clients, many of them bigger by a factor of 50 or more!

Being fast learners, we soon made our mark. Clients love that we are agile, fast and quick to comprehend exactly what they want. Our story, the client’s we’ve worked with and the projects we’ve delivered to date is testament to our unparalleled focus on value and quality. Give us a brief and we will commit to an efficient team with the right skills and experience. Solutions are sleek and sophisticated, producing tailored results that remove problems and boost efficiency.

Why Signals IT

The Covid-19 lockdown has brought many innovative projects our way, with large corporates needing to get their staff ready for home working.

During the first lockdown, we worked with a large organisation. They invited both Signals IT and one of our competitors to deliver and enable more than 500 devices to staff working remotely. We completed the task in two weeks, whilst the other IT company had not even started. One of several examples of how we work differently and efficiently. When targets matter, we hit them.

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Why we are different

Simply put, all our IT services revolve around our esteemed clients. We believe in a client-first approach, tailoring our offerings uniquely around their business goals and ongoing IT needs. Unlike many other IT lifecycle management companies that exist today, we do not believe in rolling out packaged services where clients are forced to squeeze in and change their way of business, just to take advantage of, say, IT equipment procurement, IT asset management, IT infrastructure and connectivity, or IT equipment disposal. Our story and our growth is built on much more.
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