Should you outsource your IT support?

IT Support

In-house IT management was hard enough when employees accessed the company network on company property. Today, most organisations have the added challenge of providing IT support to teams working remotely across multiple locations.

So, is it wise for you to consider outsourcing your IT support? This article highlights three reasons why managed IT services are fast becoming the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes.

What is IT Managed Services?

IT managed services provides the resources businesses need to support their IT systems and hardware requirement on a contractual basis. The services offered by managed services suppliers (MSP) range from sourcing IT solutions, data storage, asset management, systems support and more.

Depending on requirements, managed IT services are often cheaper than building an in-house team. Plus businesses, have the added benefit of accessing a wider pool of highly skilled talent at short notice. However, in recent times, issues concerning security, IT Asset Management (ITAM) and talent shortage have kept businesses leaders on their toes. Here is why. 


The omnipresence of cyber-attacks and data breaches has always been a threat. However, with most employees working remotely – the issue is heightened. 

There are billions of IoT devices in operation today and are fundamental to simplifying business processes. But they are also easier for hackers to manipulate. For example, residential broadband connections, public Wifi, employees’ own devices are all potential entry points for hackers. For some businesses safeguarding assets by outsourcing support to IT experts is a cost-effective solution.


Procuring, managing and maintaining growing volumes of IT assets from laptops, mobile’s to software is a constant budget challenge. IT hardware is prone to damage, wear, loss, theft and misuse, whereas cloud computing and other software requires upgrades and licensing. With hybrid workforces on the rise, the IT support processes that worked in an office environment are less effective. In-house IT support teams are stretched, and businesses are outsourcing ITAM to help reduce costs.

Talent Shortage

Business investment in IT is also driving the demand for IT expertise. According to Forbes, 16 tech roles are suffering from talent shortages, including cyber security experts. With in-house IT teams at capacity, businesses are turning to IT outsourcing to help ease the pressure.

Outsourcing Managed IT Services

No matter the challenge. Outsourcing IT services give business leaders space to think and lead their company to success. It’s not about relinquishing control. It’s about taking control.

To find out about how Signals IT can help you effectively address the IT challenges you face today, talk to us.

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