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Renowned for their compact, energy-efficient designs, the Citizen range of printers offer a fast, economical solution for businesses of all sizes.

The range includes Contamination-resistant label printers, Space-saving desktop units, Portable POS units, Mobile printers and more

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Latest Offer! Citizen CL-E300EX Label Printer

The ideal food label printer for thriving hospitality and catering enterprises. This premium desktop printer offers excellent value as it’s suitable for a wide variety of tasks and environments.

Easy maintenance, hassle-free ribbon and label loading. Plus Ethernet, LAN, USB and Serial standard with Bluetooth & Wifi versions.

Accurate Food Labelling

Enables clear specification of allergens in the ingredients list ensuring compliance with food labelling regulations (Natasha’s Law).

Citizen offers a range of options. For cost-effective, low to medium volume printing, the CL-S521 and CL-S621 combine performance with reliability to deliver hundreds of labels. The CL-S700 provides an ultra-fast printout of up to 250mm per second for medium to high volume. And to provide the higher resolution required to print smaller labels, Citizen’s CL-S631 and CL-S703 printers are available as 300 dpi options.

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