Reasons Why Refurbished IT Equipment Can Be As Good As New

Planning for the future and strengthening your IT operation requires significant investment. However, this doesn’t always mean you have to purchase the latest IT equipment to face the challenges ahead. Refurbished IT equipment can be just as good as new while saving you money

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why refurbished IT equipment can be as good as new:

More Affordable- although properly refurbished IT devices are as good as new, they are much more affordable, up to 80% cheaper than brand-new units. This means that refurbished IT equipment has a higher value than the newest and latest models. Even if you have a flexible budget, you should always check refurbished options.

Green Option- the production of new IT equipment requires extraction of raw materials and releases greenhouse gases. If you are an environmentally-conscious business, refurbished IT equipment is a more sustainable option, because you choose to reuse. Buying and using refurbished IT equipment will have positive impacts on the environment.   

Immediate Availability- due to high demands, it may take longer to get new IT equipment from sellers. Refurbished parts are often available in good quantity. Suppliers usually obtain large batches of used parts from businesses that recently upgraded their IT equipment. If you order refurbished IT equipment, it will typically have a very short lead time.

Guaranteed High Quality- quality is often a top priority when buying refurbished IT equipment. Regardless of the price and condition, equipment must work according to its specified purposes without any malfunctions. Reputable suppliers with strong track record in the sector run safety tests and advanced processes to ensure everything works properly.

Good Performance- unlike mechanical components, electronic devices don’t lose performance after years of use. They don’t wear out and they can continue providing optimum performance consistently. Many refurbished laptops, personal computers, and servers have their hard drives replaced with SSDs to improve overall performance.

Warranty- reputable suppliers often offer six months of warranty or longer, because they offer refurbished devices with excellent quality. These suppliers usually avoid refurbishing heavily used or poorly maintained IT equipment with shorter remaining life span.

Excellent Data Security- refurbished IT equipment can still support the latest data security solutions, because they have good backward compatibility and don’t require significant hardware resources. If you buy a refurbished personal computer, laptop, or server from reputable suppliers, they will be better protected against external attacks.

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