What SMEs in Logistics need to know about IT Management Services

SME in Logistics

Despite the resilience of the logistics SME community, many are still facing uncertainties in the aftermath of the pandemic. And whilst the challenges ahead span all aspects of business operations, the future management of IT assets is perhaps the least understood.

Today, the effectiveness of in-house IT support systems and whether it’s sufficient to handle all of the company’s IT issues is attracting greater scrutiny.

This article discusses the benefits of IT management services for SMEs in Logistics and how outsourcing IT support can be a credible and affordable option. Are you curious to learn how to make Managed IT Services work for your business? Read on.

Reverse Engineer IT Support

Firstly, few can deny the transformational impact of COVID on the role of IT Management – the past 12 months have reinforced the critical value of all aspects of IT. As a result, most advanced logistics companies understand that paying attention to IT is not just about investing in new technology; it encompasses many functionalities, including repetitive IT tasks.

Therefore, it is not surprising that larger businesses are already investing in boosting their IT capabilities. Most are at a significant advantage because they were already using Managed IT services or a hybrid version. But for those new to the concept, particularly SMEs in Logistics, the cost/benefit might appear harder to justify.

There are, of course, plenty of reasons why building an in-house IT team is more convenient than outsourcing. However, managing the expanded IT requirements of doing business post-pandemic adds another layer of costs that few SMEs can anticipate or handle. Fortunately, most businesses have emerged from the lockdown with greater confidence in doing business online, which offers SMEs in transport and logistics an opportunity to re-engineer their IT support requirements at much-reduced costs.

Switching to and or boosting IT support with a remote managed IT service provider allows small and medium-sized enterprises to access the same level of service more prominent businesses enjoy virtually; thus, no extra costs other than the contract service expense.

IT Expertise on Tap

The benefits of contract services are vast, especially in IT.

  • Turnover in the IT sector is high. Save on the cost of training and recruitment.
  • Save on the cost of maintenance; keep up to date with the latest innovations, regulations and practices.
  • Get access to vetted and fully qualified experts to meet all your business requirements.
  • Solve business issues fast, ensuring your business is fully operational at all times

Furthermore, managed IT services doesn’t have to be reserved for large complex projects. A reputed remote infrastructure management provider can also help to handle day to day repetitive IT tasks and help you discover innovative ways to maximise the value of your IT assets.

“Signals IT saved my business thousands of pounds over four years by proactively repairing and refurbishing our IT assets” Morgan Sindall Group.

IT Managed services providers (MSP) have highly skilled talent on tap, thereby enabling businesses to free their business to thrive in the face of any future uncertainties.

Boost Your IT Operations with Remote IT Management Today.

For SMEs in the logistics sector, careful consideration also needs to be given to the type of IT services required. In most cases, a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective; in the long term working with IT support services suppliers who are skilled in maintaining and repairing IT hardware unique to your sector will yield the best results.

Are you ready to get started? Here is a checklist of the service offering you can expect from a Managed IT services partner:

  • Sourcing the best software and hardware solutions for your business
  • Securely store and manage your data onsite or offsite
  • Deploy new services or applications to your teams
  • Manage all your assets
  • Ensure all your licenses are fully optimised and up to date
  • Ensure your IT assets are fit for purpose (warranty management)
  • Carry out advanced swap out
  • Repair, refurbish and safely dispose of assets


Quickstart Tips

Test a prospective supplier by getting your IT assets repaired or refurbished. This way, you get to know the team and assess their capabilities.

Or you can appoint them to take onboard repetitive IT tasks releasing your team’s time to focus on higher business priorities. Whichever route you choose, improve your chances of success by reviewing their client testimonials.

Signals IT Ltd has supported businesses of all sizes in the logistics sector for over two decades. So no matter where you are in your IT transformation journey, Signals IT has the expertise to help ease the pressure and free your time to focus on scaling your business. Email: enquiries@signalsit.com for an informal chat.


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