Sustainable IT Repair Services for business

Sustainable IT Repair Services for business

We live in a digital world where we rely on our laptops for almost everything especially in business. In this blog we’ll look at Sustainable IT Repair Services for business and the different factors which contribute to this. When our laptops break or get damaged, we need a repair service that can fix them quickly and affordably so that we don’t waste money, time or resources replacing them with new ones. But what if the IT company that you are using doesn’t have any sustainable practices? Or you replace any faulty laptop instantly? Well then you could be creating more waste unnecessarily, negatively impacting the environment and wasting money. The solution is to use a more sustainable IT company like Signals IT for IT refurbishment and repair services.

Sustainable IT Repair Services for business

Choosing the right IT company

When you need a quality repair service, your options can be confusing. Do you go with the cheapest option or do you invest in a more expensive brand name? Should you get it done locally or would it be best to go with an online company that offers collection? Signals IT are Microsoft and HP partners and can work on any brand laptop which means you receive a quality IT repair service across all your business laptops at a competitive price. Our skilled engineers assess and repair IT assets in the workshop and depending on requirements carry out repairs at the business location. To help ensure your business is not compromised whilst repair is in progress, we also offer replacement devices when required.

Using experienced engineers

The skill level of the technician is a key factor in getting repairs that last. You want someone who has experience repairing a variety of models across repair types. If they don’t have extensive training and experience, then repairs may not hold up over time as well as increasing risk of failure at some point further down the road. Our IT and Computer Repairs centre is home to some of the UK’s top IT engineers and is fully equipped with all the latest diagnostic tools. We can even repair down to PC board level.

Sourcing quality components

The materials used in making repairs might also affect how long they last before needing replacement again because cheap materials tend to break easily under pressure while higher quality ones stand up better under stress so they’ll last longer before breaking down again. Cheap repairs create more waste. We have a network of suppliers who provide us with quality components, plus, we are also known for being able to source difficult to procure parts. This means we are able to save more laptops from being thrown away too soon. Increasing the lifespan of your technology and devices reduces waste and save money long term.

Refurbish, repair and recycle

If you’ve not received a cost effective repair quote (from other businesses) for your laptop or you’re choosing to upgrade, choose and experience IT repair service instead of throwing it away. We’ll give you an honest quote for fixing your device —and if it’s not suitable for repair or resale we can provide WEEE disposal services.

“Our laptops and tech are so important to our lives that we need an IT repair service that is sustainable. We provide that service on a large scale to businesses who are looking to improve their environmental impact.”

Robin Seymour, CEO of Signals IT


Repairing is the most sustainable option because it extends the lifespan of your devices and reduces e-waste. Refurbishing is another sustainable option that allows you to continue using a device you already have for longer, rather than buying a new one. Throwing away your old laptop or cell phone isn’t just wasteful—it’s harmful to the environment. The average lifespan of a laptop is about 3 – 5 years, but if we all do our part for the environment by extending their lifespans through repair services, we can help reduce e-waste in landfills and save money at the same time. Read more about our IT Repair services here.

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