Are you sitting on a fortune? It’s time to check your IT inventory

You know that feeling when you find £20 in your pocket that you don’t remember. Multiply this by 85,000. Proper IT inventory management can save businesses a lot of money.

Signals IT found £1,700,000 trapped in our client’s business over four years. How? We refurbished and repaired their IT equipment, saving them the cost of purchasing from new.

Let’s find money trapped in your business.

We don’t promise high tech systems or elaborate processes, just human expertise backed by close to two decades of providing IT services to some of the world’s most successful brands. 

Here is how IT refurbishment and Repair can work for you:

  1. Sign up to register your interest 
  2. Schedule a call to determine eligibility
  3. Equipment is collected and assessed
  4. Qualifying equipment is refurbished and repaired in our secure workshop
  5. Saving’s report issued
  6. Report and certification is issued for items disposed
  7. Equipment delivered back to your site

Boss Your IT Budget

Every pound saved is a pound you could reinvest in your business. So unless you need bleeding-edge specs (we can help with that too) and fancy packaging – there are very few reasons not to refurbish or repair your IT equipment.

  • Your equipment will be fully tested, undergoing more checks than when it was purchased new
  • Your refurbished and repaired equipment will come with a 90 day RTB warranty
  • Your data will be wiped safely
  • Your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) sustainability goals will be boosted

To find money trapped in your business. Get your IT Inventory management done right.

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